Princess Rail Dome Train

Midnight Sun Express

Princess Rail Dome Railcars

Princess Cruises and Holland America Line are both owned by parent company Carnival Cruises, and the combined companies operate the largest fleet of dome railcars in Alaska. The Holland America train cars operate as the McKinley Explorer, while Princess typically refers to their dome railcar operation simply as Princess Rail. You may still come across the occasional reference to the Midnight Sun Express which was the historical name used by Princess Rail in the past, but in practice both companies now market their rail product much more generically. Typically, independent guests will travel on the McKinley Explorer cars which is why just features the one product.

The Princess Rail train cars are similar to the McKinley Explorer, GoldStar Domes and Wilderness Express as all of these cars were custom built by the same company in Colorado. The primary difference with the Princess Rail cars is that seating in the upper level dome is at tables of 4, with half of the seats facing backwards.