Best Train Options

Best train options.

Picking the Right Alaska Railroad Service for You

The best train option for you on the Alaska Railroad really depends on what is most important to you. Looking for the least expensive? Try Adventure Class. How about the best value? Many people say that is the Wilderness Express. If you are looking for an independent traveler vibe then choose the Alaska Railroad, but if you have a loyalty or affinity to one of the cruise lines you can choose the Wilderness Express or McKinley Explorer.  Are you looking for the premium experience regardless of cost? See if the Alaska Railroad GoldStar Dome Service is available. Read though the highlights below to see what fits you best, and if you are still not sure just ask… we are happy to help.

Alaska Railroad Adventure Class

  • Only option to Whittier on the Glacier Discovery route.
  • Most economical train option.
  • Lots of room for hand carry luggage.
  • Easy to walk from car to car.
  • Shared dome observation car.
  • Casual snack and dining options.
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Alaska Railroad Gold Star

  • Premium service option operated by Alaska Railroad.
  • Exceptional 360 viewing in upper level dome.
  • Lower level fine dining restaurant.
  • Meals and two alcoholic beverages included.
  • Newest dome rail cars on train.
  • Only exclusive dome car to Seward on the Coastal Classic route.
  • Exclusive upper level viewing platform, great for photographs.
  • Easy to walk to other Alaska Railroad cars.
  • Additional casual snack and dining options.
  • Seating rotates so families or parties of four can face each other if they wish.
  • Less people in dome compared to private dome options.
  • More independent travelers compared to private domes which are more heavily utilized by cruise lines.
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Wilderness Express

  • Alaska owned and operated.
  • Exceptional value when comparing product versus cost.
  • Most comfortable dome seating.
  • Exceptional 360 viewing in upper level dome.
  • Lower level fine dining restaurant.
  • All forward facing seats.
  • Typically last car on train.
  • Used by Royal Caribbean Cruiseline and Celebrity Cruises.
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McKinley Explorer

  • Exceptional 360 viewing in upper level dome.
  • Lower level fine dining restaurant.
  • Largest fleet of private dome rail cars in Alaska.
  • Great value on individual segments between Anchorage, Talkeetna and Talkeetna, Denali.
  • Original operators of luxury dome rail cars in Alaska.
  • Owned and used by Princess Cruises and Holland America Line
  • Private train with different schedule between Anchorage and Denali Park.
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