Alaska Railroad Service

There is only one set of train tracks that connects the communities along the “railbelt” from Seward to Anchorage, Denali Park and on to Fairbanks. All train cars are pulled by Alaska Railroad locomotives, and there are a variety of train service options with the Alaska Railroad, as well as other private rail car companies. Your selection will impact your seating, viewing and dining options… and in some cases, even your arrival and departure times.

Alaska RailroadAlaska Railroad

The Alaska Railroad operates three primary trains during the summer months… the Denali Star, Coastal Classic to Seward, and the Glacier Discovery to Whittier. On the first two routes you can choose from two levels of service, either the standard Adventure Class or the luxurious GoldStar Dome cars. Learn More »

Alaska Railroad Adventure ClassAdventure Class

The Adventure Class is often referred to as the “standard” or “coach” class of service for the Alaska Railroad. Yet with the spacious comfortable seats, large picture windows and friendly guides… we are sure you will find your experience anything but ordinary. Learn More »

Alaska Railroad GoldStar DomeGold Star Dome

Sometimes you just have to travel first class… and your trip on the Alaska Railroad is one of those times. You will be glad you did as you take in the scenery from the large dome windows and unique second level viewing platform, or enjoy the all-inclusive meals with priority seating in the lower level restaurant. Learn More »

Wilderness Express Dome TrainWilderness Express Dome

The Wilderness Express is the newest private dome rail fleet in Alaska, and is Alaskan owned and operated. Guests from Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise travel on these cars, as well as other groups and independent travelers. Learn More »

McKinley Explorer Dome TrainMcKinley Explorer Dome

Holland America Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises operate a fleet of over 20 private dome rail cars in Alaska, including the McKinley Explorer cars. Their group of companies pioneered private dome rail service in Alaska with a history dating back 30 years. Learn More »

Alaska Railroad Dining OptionsRailroad Dining Options

One thing is for certain… it is hard to beat the view from this restaurant. Enjoy fine, white-linen dining with scrumptious Alaskan cuisine as mountains and glacier roll by…  or choose more simple fare such as “Grab ‘N Go” snack items. Learn More »

Park Connection MotorcoachPark Connection Motorcoach

You may ask, why is a bus line listed on this page all about rail service? Simply put, the Park Connection Motorcoach is a great complement to Alaska train service, particularly if you are traveling round trip or need same day service between Seward or Whittier and Talkeetna or Denali Park. Learn More »

Which One is Right For Me?

If you are still wondering which rail service is right for you, don’t worry… we can help. Check out the tips on this page, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. Learn More »