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Alaska Cruise and Railroad Tours

The Alaska Railroad tracks run north from Seward, stretching 470 miles through Anchorage, Talkeetna, and Denali National Park to the town of Fairbanks. The two primary cruise ports in the region are in Whittier and Seward. You can easily take the train to or from your cruise ship in both communities.

If you are travelling on a northbound cruise, you can catch the train to Anchorage in the evening from either Seward or Whittier. Both train departures are great for those wanting to catch a day cruise to see the glaciers and wildlife out of either port after disembarking their cruise ship. To continue north from Anchorage by rail you will need to overnight and catch another train the following morning. The northbound Denali Star train leaves Anchorage at 8:20am heading north to Talkeetna and Denali National Park. The train arrives into Talkeetna at 11:25am, and Denali National Park at 3:40pm. The same train continues on to Fairbanks departing Denali National Park at 4:00pm, and arriving into Fairbanks at 8:00pm.

If you prefer to disembark the cruise ship and go directly north to either Talkeetna or Denali National Park, you can book a seat on the Park Connection Motor Coach. This is the only scheduled service available that will allow you to travel from the port to either of the above locations in one day.

If you are cruising southbound and want to tour by train before your Alaska cruise, you will want to fly into either Anchorage or Fairbanks. Anchorage has the largest airport in Alaska, and most travelers choose that option. From Anchorage you can take the train directly to your cruise ship port city, either Seward or Whittier. You can also do a short land tour north to Denali National Park and or Talkeetna.  If you are short on time, consider returning to Whittier or Seward on the motorcoach. This is the only scheduled service that will allow you to travel to your cruise port from either Denali Park or Talkeetna in the same day.

Remember, we are happy to help with your trip, not only the train services and motorcoach transfers, but we can arrange complete pre and post cruise land packages as well.

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